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"The regular live tribe calls in this community have made sure I stayed on track and kept my life and energy up"...
Nives Kurjak
Sound Editor. Community Member

Do you feel alone and isolated in your view of life and the Universe?

More and more people understand they need to connect with other awake and conscious people. This is how you will empower your life, nurture your dreams, and find your passion for the future.

Become a Master at elevating your energy and shift your reality!

Join the Creators Tribe community where we have Live sessions to discuss and learn powerful and life-changing techniques.

Learn to work from home or while traveling

People who wake up and discover the struggle they feel from the enslaving system of education and work typically want to create their own income.

3 Important life-arenas you should thrive

When you wake up "from the dream" and discover what your life and our reality are REALLY about, it's hard to hold on to the old ways. Limiting beliefs will still keep many people around you in the same ways of life.

That is why your well-being will depend on these 3 main areas for you to stay focused, healthy, and happy.
Social Network - Have a supporting social network that understand reality like you.Personal Power - Work on your energy and learn the hidden knowledge on manifesting your life.Your Work Life - Find new ways to work and live life. On your terms.

Two honest messages from experinced Creators Tribe members

"I went from a tragic nothing-ness to working for Garry Kasparov"

Nives from Serbia struggled to fit in and keep a positive view of life while living in a space and a country infused with a negative mindset. By practicing Yoga, getting mentoring, and connecting with a tribe of similar minds, she now has her own business as an audio editor.ย 

You will get to meet and connect with Nives in the community.

"It was like magic. Like a sudden shift in my reality for me"

E.A Carter, an author from Canada, shares some details from her dramatic past being abused and sued by a possessive husband. Her mindset shift started to show sudden positive shifts in her reality.

Now she has found her personal power and gained clarity towards her dreams.
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You are the master of your reality. So learn to manifest with clarity.

You get instant access toย The Reality Shift Templateย the first time you log into our community.

Learn the concept of Filter & Manifest so you can take charge of your mind, your manifesting power, and create positive changes in your life.

For some, this eBook is the first step to become a creator of their life and deciding their future. Some have even called the experience of a positive shift, "magical".

Grow confident with other bright minds.

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"The tribe calls have given me an in-depth clarity of myself with the confidence and tools to change my reality."
Clinton Scofield
Truck Driver. Community Member

You become like the five of your closest friends. Do they match your dreams in life?

Join some bright minds in a conscieous tribe of people manifesting their new future

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"Being part of this tribe helps me realize that I can achieve what I want and who I want to be. And I trust myself more."
Ellen Joy Raballe
Accountant. Community Member
"John has not only been an amazing coach but a great mentor. He has helped me clarify my thoughts and identify what I need to do to move forward."
Rico Celli
Community Member