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What is the Creators Tribe community?

The Creators Tribe is an online space and web community that welcome conscious and spiritually aware individuals that seek to connect with bright minds, elevate their energy, and work on their dreams.

If you don't fit into the typical norms of society and want the freedom to be who you are. This tribe is for you.

Suppose you seek to manifest more happiness, purpose, and maybe a new way of making a living. Then this community is for you.
John Mac
Founder of CreatorsTribe - John Mac

Discover life-changing knowledge and learn to manifest with intent.

You will, as a member of the community, have access to Live video sessions, uplifting and inspiring members, and shared knowledge.

Find more information that deepens your understanding of your soul journey on this planet. As a conscious and aware human, enjoy topics like:

  • Past lives
  • Spiritual practices
  • Other life forms and planets
  • Metaphysical insights
  • Healthy habits
  • New ways of making a living (f.ex. online)
  • Various truths from the “rabbit whole”

We’re are in a time on this planet where humans are forced to change through a dramatic shift.

This is no time to hold back with your human potensial or expect those in power to make things better for you.

Authentic content

A community to find clarity, confidence, and inner peace.

More consciously aware people struggle to make sense of the current state of this planet. Keeping up with bad education, meaningless jobs, and society's mundane awareness makes life hard and lonely.

So, you need the right community to strengthen your identity and discover better ways of living and working.

You may recognize that you have more power and choice of direction in your life than what school taught you.

The main purpose of the Creators Tribe is to discover and empower that capacity. And learn to be a creator of your own life.

And you have come to the right space to claim this power. You will find people who think differently. It's a space where you can openly discuss metaphysical topics, spiritual growth, and healthy daily habits.

Create Your Reality And Future Timeline.

I want freedom